Here is a collection of video projects I have worked on over the years.


This Video was something that I had a blast working on with my friend Ryan Ramsey. He wrote and directed this piece for a new sermon series we did at MSC. I was in charge of editing this clip. It took a long time but was a dream come true. I know...I am a GEEK:)

MSC Star Wars from MSCkokomo on Vimeo.


This next video is another MSC video. Once again I worked with my friend and co-worker Ryan on this clip. He wrote, directed and edited this video. My contribution was with camera work and acting. I probably don't have a lot of business posting this on my site, but I had a great time working on it and want to share it with EVERYONE!

10.30.11 Very Scary Special Weekend Update! from MSCkokomo on Vimeo.


This next video is a clip that I worked on for our teen ministry at MSC. Simple and fun. Enjoy:)


No suprise here, it's another MSC video. This one is for a sermon teaser that we where starting. I like it and it has a good feel.


Yet another MSC Teen Ministry video. This one was to be the first of a series that we abandoned early on. We decided to go in a different teaching direction and I never got back around to doing this series.



Here are a couple of music videos I produced for my old band The Gideon Press. The music isn't great but some of the video stuff is cool.





We do a fun series every year around the same time called the Doctor Will Show. We started by featuring it at our Christmas party and then it became a weay for us to intro our New Year's Eve celebration. Here are a few episodes of Doctoe Will.




Some of my first experiences with video editing came when I did a web based show called Ghost Diaries. This was the original Ghost Diaries too. There ahve since been several mocks or copies. It was a program that was a blend between Ghost Hunters and Myth Buster. We wanted to call it Ghost Busters but that was already taken:)